Residential Care

High quality and compassionate care

Our residents are cared for by a staff that was carefully selected to work at our home. The most important part of our mission is to provide our residents with not just a safe place, but one where they can enjoy themselves as well.

Promoting an independent community

Independence is one of the most critical factors in creating an enjoyable environment for our residents, and we strive to provide each of our community members with the maximum amount of independence that their situation allows.

Genuine care

Originally as a home for the founder’s father, the mission of our facility has always been to provide genuine and personal care.

Our residents enjoy:

• Independence

• Regular activities

• Participation in running the house

• A genuinely caring staff

An atmosphere of happiness

Entering our home is unlike many other residential retirement facilities, as our small number of residents allows us to better maintain a happy and welcoming atmosphere.

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