Funding Your Care

Funding a residential stay with us

While we wish we were able to offer our services to everyone free of charge, sadly we cannot. Our priority is care first though, and we want to work with you to find a funding option that works.

The cost of residency

We pride ourselves on not only offering a unique, intimate and engaging environment, but doing so at the most reasonable price we can afford. Residency at our home costs from £595 per week, which includes all services and care.

Compassion is priceless

While many of the things offered to our residents can be valued, we feel that the compassion of our staff shown to each and every resident is priceless.

Funding individuals

• 24 hour quality care

• Food

• Laundry

• Activities and entertainment

We want to help make your stay work

We understand that the price may be unmanageable for some potential residents, we always encourage you to get in touch regardless. There’s no way to figure out if we can make things work without getting in touch first.

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